Frequently Asked Questions



Do I need to book an appointment?

To avoid disappointment we recommend booking an appointment before coming in to see us. It is best to email or call us on 09 623 1188 to have a chat with us about our gowns and arrange an appointment.

What does a consultation involve?

As much or as little as you want. You can try any number of gowns and your consultant will provide professional advice on the style, colour and details suitable for you, or finding your dream gown if you have a design in mind already. Once the gown is selected the consultation will move on to jewellery, veil and so on to complete the look for your perfect day. If you would like to book an appointment to create a bespoke gown with the designer of the Alma Wong Bridal please let us know in advance.

How much is a consultation?

Our consultation fees are $60 for an hour or $90 for an hour and a half. Our initial consultation fees are redeemed upon purchase of gown. 

We also offer free retrial appointments, which is a half an hour appointment to retry your favourite gown from the consultation. This gives you the opportunity to bring in a second opinion and gives you time to view the gown in detail. During the appointment we will also discuss colour options and take your measurements.

How can I pay?

We require 50% deposit with the confirmed booking for our ready to wear range and 20% for the made to measure range. And then you can spread the payments between arrival and final fitting. Your consultant can discuss with you more options when you are ready to order. Payment can be made by cash, cheque or eftpos or major credit card such as Visa and Mastercard.

If I order my wedding gown, how long will it take to arrive?

This process usually takes 12-20 weeks and up to 3 visits with your alterations professional. Rush orders and fittings can be arranged if you do not have enough time.  The gowns are shipped directly to our boutique from the design house. When your gown arrives, it will be inspected for any flaws or imperfections. You will receive a call from your bridal consultant letting you know it is in the store. It is up to you to schedule your fittings.

My wedding is still 1-year away. Is it too early to start looking for my wedding dress now?

No, it is not too early to start looking for your wedding dress now. Many brides-to-be start looking for, and purchase their wedding gown 1-year away from their wedding date. This is not always necessary, but can be a good idea to allow you plenty of time to order your gown, have alterations made, and to choose accessories.

What about alterations?

Fitting and alterations are quoted for separately and can be managed by Alma J Bridal Boutique. Some customers prefer to have their alterations done by a family member or friend.

Can I buy a gown from one of your suppliers that you don’t have in store?

Yes, as we are the exclusive stockists we can order any gown. We don’t necessarily have a sample but we can get the gown on your behalf as a purchase order. Often we have something similar so you can try it to know if it really is “the one”.

Can I buy a wedding dress from you without visiting your showroom?

Yes. We have already successfully sold wedding dresses online, via our website, by email, and over the phone. During this process we establish a dialogue with you to ensure that you get a dream gown that is exactly what you want. Please supply as much information, i.e., height, waist, bust and hip measurements, and phone number, when you contact us regarding purchasing online.

What size are your sample gowns?

Our sample gowns are in a selected size from a range of 10 – 22. The sample gowns are there to help you get an idea of style and quality of our materials. Your selected gown will be ordered in your correct standard size in your colour choice once purchased.

What is the price range of your gowns?

Our ready to wear range starts at $1500 – $4500 and our bespoke range start at $3000 -$7000. We also have gowns on sample sale starting at $400.

What is a sale gown or sample sale gown?

Sale gowns are sample gowns that are sold off the rack at a discounted price. Sample gowns are our store samples that are available in store for brides to try on and is only available in a particular size. They are sold as is and all sales are final.

Is it OK to take photographs of some of the wedding gowns?

Please advise us if you need a photo for some reason, otherwise we kindly ask for no photographs to be taken of the wedding dresses in our showroom.

Can I change or cancel my order once I purchase a gown?

Unfortunately due to the complicated process of the made to order dressmaking process, an order can not be cancelled or exchanged once an order as been placed with your bridal consultant. So please make most of your consultation and be sure of your commitment before making the purchase.